7 Days 2nd Surgery Post Op.throbbing and Burning , is This Normal?

I had my 2nd surgery for BA 7 days ago. I went from 550cc saline to 600cc silicon. partial submuscular just like before. He cut the areolas in the same place as last time. I feel like im in more pain than the first surgery. I am having really bad pain on my chest bone in the cleavage line, also burning and throbbing at the incision. Is this normal considering it is 2nd time arrround? (he said he did not have to cut the muscle)

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Easier recovery after breast revision surgery

I recommend consulting your surgeon and close following regarding your discomfort. Usually, removing and replacing implants with smaller implants results in an easier recovery than the primary operation.

On this site, I do my best to give advice without a physical examination but I want you to know that a physical examination by a board certified physician is always the best way to get the most accurate information.

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Post-op Pain After Breast Augmentation

It is certainly possible to have pain 7 days post-op but you need to be evaluated by your plastic surgeon to eilminate infection or an expanding collection of blood as a source of pain. Burning pain usually mean inflammation of the nerve endings and this can be worse the second time around because some of them are surrounded by scar tissue. The throbbing can be from stretching and swelling of the muscle, which may be significant because a 600 cc silicone implant is pretty big to be placing through the arealar approach. Again, get back with your surgeon to check for problems.

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1 week post revision breast surgery. throbbing and burning. Normal?

Hard to say without knowing what operation he did and doing a proper physical exam.  He may have done more dissection by the sternum, and this may be the reason for discomfort.  Burning is usually the nerves healing.  Best to see your plastic surgeon and let him/her know your concerns.

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Post op pain from brat augmentation

Usually, patients have less pain when they have a revision for exchange than after a primary procedure. If you are concerned, I would see your doctor.

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Post op pain following breast augmentation

Dear Ciera1823,

Implant exchanges usually are not nearly as painful post op as you first procedure.  Perhaps your larger volume implant is also a different more projecting style implant which can cause some muscle spasms.  It is best to call your surgeon's office for a quick post op check to reassure you that there isn't something unusual going on.  Good luck

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Pain after surgery

It would be very unusual for you to be experiencing new or worsening pain or discomfort 7 days after surgery.  I would suggest that you contact your doctor's office and go in for an evaluation.


Good Luck.

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