I am 3 days postop of upper and lower eyelid surgery. What is normal?

The swelling is going down but the bruising is getting worse now. I have itching and some burning at the stich site along with some pain Is this normal ?

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Post op upper & lower eyelid surgery

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You're six days post-op now, so things have improved.  Regardless, it's impossible to judge "normal" without knowing how the blepharoplasties were done, what you looked like before, and other information (photos would help).  You trusted your surgeon to operate on your eyelids, and payment for the procedure includes post surgical care.  Why not call him (or her) to ask about your symptoms (if you haven't already)?

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Normal Recovery

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When in doubt, call your physician. All of your symptoms sound typical of day 3, and “normal” doesn’t exist as everyone reacts differently. For example, one patient may have very minimal bruising, whereas, another could have extensive bruising. Patients may experience itchiness along the suture line, but pain is not normal and this should be addressed by your surgeon to diagnose the cause. The amount of bruising and sweliing may fluctuate on a daily basis. Once your sutures are removed, you will notice the itching and burning will subside and you should notice the bruising and swelling decrease with time.

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