2 Days Post Treatment Pixel, Can I Use a Cream to Help the Skin. Skin is Very Tight

My sister and I have had pixel laser resurfacing done two days ago. Our skin is very tight and we were advised not to put ANY type of cream etc onto our face. We have looked at some of the testimonials on the web and lots of people seem to be given creams to use almost immediarely. Can you tell me if this will spead up the healing process? Thanks Kim

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Post-Pixel Treatment

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Great question, Kim. The answer is yes and no. You do not want to use most creams since they clog the pores caused by the laser which will prevent the collagen from healing and tightening. BUT, rather than a cream, you can use a petroleum based product such as Hydrabalm by Skinceuticals (no disclosures) or over the counter Aquaphor. I send my patients home with a kit and instructions.

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