Upturned Tip 3 Days Post-op - Normal?

I had a droopy and over-projecting nose tip. I asked the surgeon to raise it up a little and told him to make the tip parallel to the ground , not upturned like girls. After the surgery I saw my nose tip upturned too much. I panicked and called him. He told me the tape is raising the tip a little , and it will come to normal in few weeks. I am really concerned , will my nose tip drops down to normal levels again? Or my surgeon made a mistake?

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Upturned Tip after Rhinoplasty Will Come Down

Thank you for your question. Your concern is normal.

However the nasal tip usually drops down after Rhinoplasty. Because drooping of the tip is so common after Rhinoplasty most surgeons tape the tip up in an exaggerated fashion to compensate for the drop in the tip that almost always occurs.

Upturned nasal tip after rhinoplasty (nose surgery)

An upturned nasal tip is quite common after surgery.  Your surgeon is absolutely right.  The tape can lead to the tip being slightly upturned.  Swelling can also lead to this appearance.  It will take 3 weeks and you will notice that the tip has settled down to the position you and your surgeon desire.  

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