Runny Nose and Ache Normal Eight Days Post Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction?

Had septoplasty and turbinate reduction eight days ago. It's healing nicely, I think. But since dried mucus came out earlier, feels cold, runny and tingly? Like it's seeping but its not seeping. Is this normal? Also, now I can, am I allowed to breath through nose? It expands the outer rims and makes bubbling sound when I do but doesn't hurt? Also bridge of nose aches, is this normal?? And what is a turbinate reduction even?! I only knew about the septoplasty till the surgeon said he'd done it!

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Runny Nose and Ache 8 Days Post Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction

A runny nose and ache 8 days post septoplasty and turbinate reduction can be normal. Seeping also can be normal.You are allowed to breathe through your nose.With a turbinate reduction a portion of the turbinates are removed to increase the size of your airway.

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