Liposuction to Upper/lower Back, Flanks, Tummy and Mini Tummy Tuck. I Have Flaps Hanging in Upper Back? (photo)

I Am 7 Days Post Op. I did wear a compression garment that was tight at the top. Could this have caused this over hang, wing look possibly? Or do you think I will need a touch up. I have a lot of soreness in the back area. He only took 1 liter of fat out. I am pleased with the mini tummy tuck with NO muscle repair. Thank you so much for your time and suggestions ;-)

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Back role liposuction.

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Thanks for your questions and for your photographs.

It is really way too early to make a judgment about your final result this point.  Without question you have a lot of swelling in the area that concerns you and hopefully most if not all of that will resolve.

Back rolls tend to be quite fibrous and often hold onto a great deal of their swelling.  Your result will take time.

The backup rolls are  a combination of both the skin and fat,  remember that liposuction only takes away the fat.  In my own practice I explain to patients that back rolls can often be diminished and softened but not always completely eradicated with liposuction alone.

Looking at your preoperative pictures I strongly suspect that you are correct that the binder contributed somewhat to the swelling, and I also suspect that you'll do just fine over time.

If you did find the skin to loose in the future the next option would be a bra strap roll excision, but I am hopeful for you that it will not come to that.

Best wishes, give it more time for now.



Liposuction to Upper/lower Back, Flanks, Tummy and Mini Tummy Tuck. I Have Flaps Hanging in Upper Back?

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Your photos and your thoughts could be correct. Best to see your chosen surgeon Monday to discuss these issues. 

Back flaps after liposuction

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You are too early postop to reach any conclusions as to whether you will need revision. Let everything settle down. I'm glad that you are pleased with the mini-tuck but it isn't the result I would be happy with as the surgeon, knowing what I can achieve surgically.

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