I Am 8 Days Post Op from a Lower and Upper Eye Lift and Am Concerned As to the Results, Normal?

I am concerned that the op has not worked as now that the bruises have nearly gone I can still see the wrinkles I hoped would be gon e from my Lower lids . Does this just take time or has the op not worked. Really panicking as don't want to go through it all again either emotionally or financially. Thank you In advance for your thoughts / advice. Regards

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I Am 8 Days Post Op from a Lower and Upper Eye Lift and Am Concerned As to the Results, Normal?

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  It takes up to 3 months for the eyelids to heal completely after Eyelid Surgery, so 8 days is way too soon to make any judgements.  You should have this discussion with the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Eyelid Surgery.

Please talk with your surgeon.

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It is common for patients to get a little nervous right after surgery.  This honestly is not the time to judge your surgery.  You are very swollen and there is a lot going on.  Now is the time to focus on healing.  Share your concerns with your surgeon so they can frankly assess what is going on.

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When you refer to wrinkles, I don't know if you mean fine lines or excess skin that you hoped to remove with the surgery You are still only a week after surgery and in the early healing phase so this is not a reason to panic. However, fine lines will not disappear with surgery although removal of excess skin should improve them. Laser may be beneficial at a later stage in your healing.

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Without before and after photos, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  Just one week after surgery, you are still in the healing phase, so don't get worried yet.  If you have continued concerns, make an appointment with your surgeon so they can examine you.


Good Luck.

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