6 Days Post Op Breast Aug. Tightness and Pain when Laying Down and Moving Breasy Normal?

6 days post op bilateral sub muscular breast augmentation using allergan 410, 535cc implants. Breasts are symmetrical in appearance, and look beautiful, however right breast appears to have dropped and softened significantly while left feels tight and is painful to move. It has softened somewhat however it is still quite painful while the other is painless and can be moved easier and without pain. Went from a 36 A to a 38D.

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Asymmetric pain common after breast augmentation.

Sub muscular implants hurt worse than sub glandular after breast augmentation. Also asymmetric perception of pain is very common regardless of the position of the implants.

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6 Days post Breast Augmentation

It is common to have different healing experience between breasts. Most women have some degree of asymmetry.  The smaller breast tend to feel "tight" as it adjusts to the implant.  

6 Days Post Op Breast Aug. Tightness and Pain when Laying Down and Moving Breasy Normal?

This sounds not at all uncommon. It is unusual for both sides to progress at precisely the same pace, and usually there is no explanation. You should feel free to call your surgeon with any questions. We all would rather hear many "non-essential" questions than have patients with brewing problems who would hesitate to bother us. All the best. 

6 Days Post Op Breast Aug. Tightness and Pain when Laying Down and Moving

Your symptoms sound very normal. The breasts will drop and soften as they heal. One always drops faster than the other. One always hurts more than the other. This should resolve fairly soon.

Breast asymmetry at 6 days post op

You are still early in the post operative period and this is not nearly your final result.  Given time the breast will most likely even up.  

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Post op breast augmentation

It is not uncommon for one side to be more uncomfortable than the other side so soon after surgery.  As long as the size of the painful side is not significantly different from the other side, which could indicate a fluid collection, the breasts can heal at different rates.  Submuscular implants can produce a fair amount of tightness and pressure until the muscle relaxes and accommodates the implant.  Sleeping on a few pillows can help relief the pressure when you lay down as laying flat stretches the muscle and adds more pressure.

6 days post op

It is not unusual for one side to settle down and loosen before the other side. I recommend that you keep your follow up visits with your surgeon, and ask him/her about your concerns. You may just be experiencing normal recovery from the submuscular placement of the implants.

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