Now 7 Days Post Op of Arm Lift. What Could the Reason Be That I Cannot Raise my Right Arm?

Just had my arm lift with liposuction 7 days ago. I am worried about my right arm that I can`t raise for any activity, not even bringing a cup to my mouth. What could the reason for this be and how long does it take to be back to normal?

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Arm lift

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Not being able to move the arm after surgery could be a serious complication. This can not be diagnosed on the internet. You need to see your surgeon for full work up and neurology consult ASAP.

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Arm Lifting after Arm lifting?

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Thank you for the question;  unfortunately, it is one much better asked of the operating surgeon. The differential diagnosis of your problem is long and include serious issues. Therefore, direct examination by your surgeon is indicated ASAP.

I hope this helps.

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