I'm 3 Days Post Lower Eyelid Surgery. The Outer Corners Are Dropping, How Can I Correct This?

I also had a chemical peel and juvederm added to the hollows. It seems like I read somewhere thaT there are excercises I can do to help the muscles regain their shape. Appreciate your time

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Your peeled skin is much too dry here.

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Keep the skin hydrated with Vasoline (petrolatum whipped with water) makes the peeled skin heal 5 times faster compared to having skin dry like you are showing up in these photos.  Ask your surgeon to physically show you how much Vasoline you should be using on the skin.  Regarding pulling down to the eyelid corners, this will be very difficult to fight at this point.  Right now, the most important thing is to get the eyelid skin to heal after the peel.  Once the skin is intact, finger winking of the eyelids and eyelid push ups may help.  Your surgeon should also inspect the healing eyelid skin to determine if any skin bridges have formed which can shorten the eyelid length.  These are typically more of an issue in days 3-8.

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Allow time for swelling to diminish

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There are two issues at play here: First the superficial skin healing. This needs to be copiously lubricated with vasoline or Aquafor ointment to allow the skin to heal quickly with minimal scabbing, scarring and pigmentation.

The second issue is the postop swelling of eyelid surgery. The swelling itself can alter the eyelid position due to gravity. Ice for the first three days is imperative. Now only time will help. After the skin is fully epithelialized and the swelling has diminished, upward massage  can help.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Healing after lower eyelid surgery.

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You are at a very early stage in your healing process.  You should continue to follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon.  The principles plastic surgeons follow to maximize healing are:  keep the area of the chemical peel clean and moisturized ( Aquaphor or Vaseline) so the new skin can heal without any disturbance.  The area of  injections should have cool compresses placed on them to minimize the swelling.  Your lower eyelids should be kept clean with cool water.  Once your surgeon gives you the go ahead, gentle upward massaging of the lids and lid squinting exercises should be done.  Both will help counter the effect of the downward pull of the healing.  For now, realize you are early in the healing and so much of this will get better with "tincture of time".

Lower Bleph Healing

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It looks like you have good results for only 3 days after surgery. I see no ectropion or any deformity that would concern me. Kepp your eyes moist. Your surgeon may reinforce the corners temporarily with steristrips but you don't need to do any massaging just yet since the sutures are recent and you dont want to open the incision with massaging. I believe you will heal just fine. You need to give your self 8-10 weeks for adequate healing. Express any concerns to your surgeon during your healing process.


Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

Outer corners dropping after eyelid surgery

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  The best way to correct this problem is to STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!  Healing after eyelid surgery is not measured in seconds, minutes, or hours.  Healing is measured in weeks and months.   I recommend frequent blinking and winking, later followed by eyelid pushups (ask your doctor when to begin).  Meanwhile, RELAX!  It looks like you will have an excellent result!

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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