I Am 8 Days Post Lipo of Abdomen/flanks and Have Developed a Hematoma. Do I Need This Surgically Removed Asap? (photo)

About a litre of fat was removed. I developed a large hematoma on one side (hip/flank), about 6 inches square, maybe even more, on day 3 or 4. Some swelling which seems to have gone down a little. I am not in any pain . My dr. wants to put me back under general anesthesia asap and drain the hematoma (incision, scar). My hematologist says there is no risk in waiting a week. The dr. wants to do this now. Can anyone weigh in? Many thanks.

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Hematoma drainage after liposuction

Only your surgeon knows exactly what is going on because he examined you, but a hematoma after liposuction needing urgent drainage is very very unusual. Perhaps there is something more to this story because it just doesn't sound right. Hematomas will liquify after 10-14 days and can usually be aspirated with a needle and no anesthesia needed.  

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I Am 8 Days Post Lipo of Abdomen/flanks and Have Developed a Hematoma. Do I Need This Surgically Removed Asap?

      Why do you have a hematologist?  If there is something else in your medical history?  I have had to drain a hematoma once out of thousands of liposuctions.  I did it to improve final contours, and it was not done ASAP.  I would defer to your surgeon and hematologist on this one.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Follow your plastic surgeon's advice

It is rare to develop hematoma after liposuction.  It is hard to appreciate the hematoma from your photo.  Since your plastic surgeon has examined you, you should follow his/her recommendation.  Talk with your plastic surgeon in regards to the length and location of scar and share your concern... Good luck to you.

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I Am 8 Days Post Lipo of Abdomen/flanks and Have Developed a Hematoma. Do I Need This Surgically Removed Asap? (photo)

The posted photo is of little aid. But needless to say if the diagnosis is a postoperative hematoma, especially if "your" surgeon makes this diagnosis. Than you ONLY option is to follow his advise. Though rare hematomas following liposuction can occur in low % of the cases of liposuction. You failed to mention if you had possible medical history to forming hematomas; as easy bruising, taking blood thinners or aspirin products or vitamin E, or supplements. Blood clotting issues. Which type of liposuction you had? I say this because only 1 liter of fat removal is not a large amount. Awaiting to hear your decisions and replies. 

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Hematoma after liposuction

Hematomas are rare following a liposuction but can occur. I have never personally drained a hematoma after a liposuction. I find these resolve on their own without surgical intervention. However, I would trust your PS because he has examined you and I have not. Good Luck.

Kurtis Martin, MD
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A hematoma needs surgical treatment

Thank you for your photo.  If your PS believes this to be a hematoma then you should follow his or her advice.  It is not prudent to "wait" for a hematoma to get better.

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Hematoma after Liposuction

Well that is not a common event after liposuction.  IN GENERAL a small hematoma can be watched and/or aspirated as long as it is not enlarging.  But that is very general statement.  Your question demands much more than a general rule given on Real Self.  If you are not fully confident with your surgeon's recommendation, then see another respected board certified plastic surgeon for a second pinion.  Hematologists are well trained, but they are not the experts in the management of post-operative problems.  Best of luck!

James N. Romanelli, MD, FACS
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