9 days post blepharoplasty and mild ptosis repair: Eyelid appears very overcorrected (Photo)

I bled quite a bit during the procedure and have more swelling than usual. My surgeon says this is due to the swelling and when that reduces combined with massaging this should correct itself. However my swelling has reduced slowly over the last couple of days and I am seeing no improvement. I cannot believe that the eyelid will will drop that much in the end. Another complication is that I am getting married in June and am very concerned to 'wait and see' because of this.

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Overcorrected Eyelid

It does appear that there is minimal edema which is good for 9 days postop.  Baring in mind that we can only see 2 photos, I am concerned that there is tethering of the eyelid in a high position which can be seen when you are looking down where the eyelid appears "hung up".  I agree with your surgeon that it is best to wait for swelling to resolve.  However, I think you are correct that most of your edema has resolved and the left lid is still quite high, and again seems tethered.
If at 1-2 weeks my postop ptosis repair patients are either very undercorrected or especially overcorrected, I prefer to take them back to the procedure room or OR as soon as possible where the wound comes apart very easily with minimal bleeding and the problem can easily be rectified.  The incision can be closed with only a few sutures.  The incision heals very quickly and there is very little time lost for recovery.
you should be seeing your surgeon soon and can address these concerns in more detail.

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