How many days until I can appreciate my nose implant?

I underwent a silicon nose implant. Its been 11 days now. I noticed that my nose looks like before. I didnt appreciate it, specially the tip of my nose is still big..

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How many days until I can appreciate my nasal implant?

At eleven days after surgery, it is quite possible you still have significant swelling. Please give your nose a chance to heal. It takes at least a year to recover from rhinoplasty and see your final result. You will notice that the swelling subsides gradually.

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Nasal silicone implant

improvement after most any kind of rhinoplasty comes slowly.  This excess of a good rhinoplasty should be measured in months and years as opposed to days and weeks.  Give it more time and follow-up with your surgeon closely.

Chase Lay, MD
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Nose implant

Dear ernest413,

  • If your tip is still large, then this will hide the results of the implant (did it go on your bridge)
  • Tip swelling can take months to come down, but you are still very early in the healing stages
  • I would touch base with your surgeon to get an idea of what to expect
  • Did he do work on your tip?

Nima Shemirani

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