Walking 8 Days After a Tummy Tuck Too Soon?

Yesterday I walked a little over a mile at around 3 mph. I figured that was light enough. Well, later that night my drainage turned from a peach color (sometimes clear or pink) to dark red. Was that my fault? Did I do too much? And if so, should I be worried?

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Ambulation after a Tummy Tuck is GOOD - Overdoing it is not...

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It is extremely important that you walk the night of the Tummy Tuck and thereafter. This operation has a high rate of developing deep vein clots and walking is a good way of lowering this possibility. But - exercising and moving side to side will generate more drainage and may not be helpful. I would postpone more active exercising to after 4 weeks from the surgery date. In the meantime, I do not think you damaged anything but you may want to check with your surgeon just in case.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Walking after tummy tuck

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Although what you define as “light” exercise, may be light for you, it is definitely too much right after surgery like abdominoplasty, especially with drains still in. The only major accumulation of fluid I have ever had after tummy tuck was in a lady who hiked as you did within the first week. For significant exercise (and yours qualifies for most people) you need to wait at least 2-3 weeks.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

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