9 Days After TT & Buttlift, Draining 110 Ml of Dark Color Blood, No Smell, Normal?

Hello I'm 40 year old male that underwent abdominoplasty and buttlift in one operation due to massive weightloss. Recovery has gone generally well. I had a single drain and 5 days postop went to almost nothing then noticed clog and drainage started flowing again. Had doc visit and he said looked good. 9 days postop I'm drainind 110 ml of dark purple blood with no smell. I have read that after few days colour should lighten but has not happened. Should I be concerned?

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9 Days After TT & Buttlift, Draining 110 Ml of Dark Color Blood, No Smell, Normal?

Sounds of some concern to me. Best is to be followed closely by your surgeon of choice and possible blood counts. 

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Large Drainage 9 days after Massive Weight Loss Tumm Tuck

As many Plastic surgeons know Tummy Tucks done in people who lost a large weight are often lolled by prolonged drainage. Ths may Lo be exacerbated by the use of blood thinning medications intended to reduce the risk of venous blood clots. If you do not have signs of infection (warmth, redness , fever, feeling sick) there is not much that can be done at this early stage. I would follow closely with your surgeon. 

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