8 days after surgery one breast does not look right: Could the implant deflate, leak? (Photo)

the left breast is smaller and feels fluffy. the implant is 290cc rated saline with overall fill of 350cc. the breast implants where both filled the same amount. both are round high profile saline implants.

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Implant issue

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It looks like you may have a hematoma in the right high breast. Best to be seen by your surgeon to see what the problem is.

An implant leak after 8 days.

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An implant can leak after 8 days but based on your photos a leak might be low on the list of possible. You should let your surgeon see you right away.

Right Breast Problem

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You definitely have a problem with the right breast assuming there was no pre-existing asymmetry prior to the operation. You either have a hematoma or a large fluid collection, which will need exploration and drainage. Call your plastic surgeon ASAP.

Why is my one breast much larger shortly after my augmentation surgery?

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Dramatic differences in breast sizes following breast augmentation oftentimes indicates the existence of a hematoma in the larger breast. This is a collection of blood around the implant that resulted from internal bleeding sometime after the surgery. In general, this collection should be evacuated and I would consult with your surgeon about the need to do so.

David A. Ross, MD (retired)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

When major differences in volume occur

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you either have a very early deflation or you have a hematoma from bleeding.  You must see your surgeon to figure out what is happening and to have it addressed properly.

Breast Size Difference

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It's difficult to tell whats going on without an actual exam. A rupture so close to surgery would be rare. Selling can also contribute to different breast sizes. Go back to your doctor for an informed oppinion. Good Luck

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