Concerned 8 Days After Septoplasty, turbinate reduction

I had septoplasty, turbinate reduction, two lumps removed on the left/top side of nose. The surgery was 9 days ago, I wasn't too sore days 6-8, but today it is really sore, is that anything I should be worried about? Took tape off of my nose day 7 and I am very displeased with it. I had a straight nose before the surgery and now it looks crooked, will that straighten out? on the right side of my nose it seems a lot fuller than the left side and has a hard knot on it, should i be concerned?

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8 days after rhinoplasty

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At eight days you may have alot of swelling.  Give it time to settle down.  If you need  a revision you will need to give it a year.

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8 days after nasal surgery

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It is not uncommon to have asymmetrical swelling and for your nose to look crooked after nasal surgery depending on how extensive your surgery was. If it doesn't start improving soon, please discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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Septorhinoplasty Swelling and Soreness Takes Weeks To Months To Completely Go Away

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At only 9 days after a septorhinoplasty, it is way too early to pass any judgment on how the nose will ultimately look. Unfortunately, nose surgery is not like a TV show where the dressings are removed and it looks great. Every patient knows this of course but actually experiencing it is different than acknowledging that before the surgery. Wait until three months after surgery to see about the straightness of the nose. The discomfort you are experiencing is from the 'knot' removal and it is quite common to be more sore now than right after surgery. It will likely remain a little sore for several months before finally going away.

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