Clear Yellowish Fluid Oozing out of my Alar Incision After Rhinoplasty

What is this and what caused this? Is this normal or Should i be alarmed? What to do?

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Yellowish Fluid from Alar Incision after Rhinoplasty

Whether or not the drainage is secondary to an infection, this is not normal. Rather than taking time to write us, who cannot examine you, schedule an appointment with your surgeon.

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You should contact the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that performed your Rhinoplasty for specific instructions and recommendations as he/she is the only one that knows what was done during the Rhinoplasty. It could be anything from some serous fluid to signs of an infection.

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Clear Yellowish Fluid Oozing out of my Alar Incision After Rhinoplasty

Any drainage from a surgical incision should be addressed by your surgeon .Let him inspect it  and advise on the course of action.

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Alar incision discharge

You did not mention how lonh after surgery you are. But, this is NOT normal. May or may not be infection. Best follow up with your surgeon ASAP. It may be seroma or suture irritation.

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Alar incision fluid

Alar incison fluid could suggest an infection.  I would recommend seeing your surgeon as soon as possible to be evaluated.

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Yellowish fluid after alar surgery

Dear CWN in Phil,

You should contact your surgeon immediately.  This should not occur.  It may be a simple collection of fluid, called a seroma, that can be drained either by needle or by an open technique.  It may be the sign of a wound infection which may be treatable with oral antibiotics.  In any event, your surgeon must see and examine you to properly diagnose and treat you.

Good luck.

Dr. Yagoda

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