3 Days After my BBL, and My Butt Looks Small With Dents. Will It Improve With Time?

and my butt still looks small and has dents I am 5,0 and was about 130 and it looks like nothing was done at all will I need to go back and redo it

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You had the BBL and your Butt Looks No Larger?

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Unfortunately, this is a very common question from patients after the Brazilian Butt Lift.  The "dents" are most likely due to pre-existing cellulite.  This can sometimes be corrected, but not always.  As far as your issue with the size of your buttocks.  The best thing to do is find out from your surgeon how much fat they sucked out and how much fat they injected into each cheek of your buttocks.  I find that the most common reason for patients stating that "it looks like nothing was done" is usually because the surgeon only injected a small volume of fat.  It will not get bigger!   (That is unless you gain weight)    I have done this procedure hundreds of times and everyone wakes up significantly larger, partly due to the new fat and partly due to swelling.  I have never seen anyone's but get bigger unless they gain weight. Sorry!  Was your surgeon experienced with this procedure?   ~Dr M

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