5 Days After Micro Laser and Profractional Still Not Healed?

Hi I had microlaser 10 microns and profractional 100 on face and 150 on cheeks do to acne scars. It has now been 5 days and most of my face has flaked off (mouth,chin,and nose) but i still have dark patches on cheeks and forehead that look like burnt skin is this normal and how long does it normally take to completly peel? I also notice i can still see acne scars,will this eventually fill out more? i dont want perfection just improvement.Thanks

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Profractional Healing Time

It seems that you had a decent depth treatment. When treating acne scars, you have to be patient as you will need more than 1 treatment.  Pro-fractional treats a "fraction" of the skin for expedited healing & recovery.


Peeling, flaking and redness are all normal side effects 5 days post treatment.  If dark patches do not begin to lighten up in a few days, I would see your doctor or provider who performed your treatment.  Also, post-care topicals are important for healing such as Cutegenix. I hope this helps.


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