5 Days After Chin Implant and No Sensation in Lower Lip. I'm Extremely Nervous I Won't Be Able to Smile Again or Eat Properly.

Can this be normal? It feels as if I have dental novocaine in there, it's numb. I'm just so worried I won't be able to smile or eat or use a straw again. It's very, very hard for me to function right now with this numbness.

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Numbness after chin implant

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When placing a chin implant, the mental nerves, which supply sensation to the lower lip (they do not supply the muscles that move the lip), may be encountered.  Identification and preservation of these nerves is easy to do and permanent damage is extremely unlikely.  The most likely cause is simply stretching of the nerves, which can cause some temporary numbness.  They should start to work again after 1-2 weeks.  Be sure to have a discussion with your surgeon about these concerns.

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