6 Days After Bullhorn Lip Lift (To Get a Bigger Upper Lip) and I Am Still Not Able to Close my Mouth Properly? (photo)

Is That Normal? My upper lip seems very "high", not plump at all but just higher (with the same volume), so my teeth are too visible, like a bunny. (In my case, I didn't ask for my teeth to be more visible, they were OK) It's as if nothing has been done on the volume. The distance between my nose and my lip is now shorter, however this distance has been "transferred" to my teeth. (I don't know if i'm clear) I checked on all pictures and I didn't see anything like that. (Please excuse my bad English)

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Lip enhancement

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It seems there is miscommunications with your surgeon. Lip lift does not change the volume much. If you wanted more volume then you should communicate that is what you want. At that time you have the option of fillers or fat transfer. Lip lift is for very long upper lip, and in fact lip lift is rarely needed at your age

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