Day#7 Profractional, What to Expect?

I believe the doctor said start @ 150. Had episode of eyelid swelling status post, requiring pred. Swelling down @ site of procedure, only had partial face done(cheeks,chin/upper lip).Still very red, requiring heavy makeup. Only minor flaking. Is redness permanent. Not leaving house without makeup.Thanks, Susand

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Profractional Laser: Sciton Erbium, an amazing tool in facial rejuvenation

Thank you for your answer.  Profractional technology was developed as the need for a quicker recovery was felt.  The gold standard is the full resurfacing with 7-12 days of raw skin which then becomes re-epithelized, smoother and fresher.  That new skin is bright pink and will slowly become paler over 1-5 months, requiring heavier make-up at the beginning.  Profraction is less aggressive;  the least aggressive a treatment is, the lesser the result but the quicker recovery.  It is often the truth in the ladder of options in plastic surgery.  Profractional can be made more aggressive the deeper you go, the higher the density you choose (up to 100%, 100% being the full resurfacing) and the greater the overlapping of each zap.  Lower lid skin is thin and may likely swell up a bit for several days post treatment, assuming the treatment involved the lower lids themselves or close by.  Flaking can occur anytimes between 3 and 8 days post treatment.  Every person's skin is different and so is healing... so be patient.  I've had my sciton Erbium laser for 7 years now and I still love the results I get.  The Sciton Erbium has been around for many years and is still one of the gold standard in skin resurfacing.  Make-up can be applied on the healed skin only.  See your plastic surgeon and his skin care team for future guidance.  Hope this helps.  Dr. Marc DuPere, #Toronto plastic surgeon, board-certified

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Profractional treatment

150 microns is not very deep but what is more important is the density or percentage of skin being treated in any one visit.  The greater the density the more the redness, swelling and recovery time.  When cheeks are treated there is invariably swelling that moves into the lower eyelids and the periorbital skin.  Cool compresses, head elevation and even considering taking a short course of Arnica will speed up the resolution.  

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