Day of Surgery, Sore Upper Pec and Armpit on Right Side?

So I'm about 6 hours post op for lollipop mastopexy breast lift. I feel good no intense pain. Haven't even touched pain meds yet. BUT, I am super sore in my right armPit and upper right pec. Sometimes there is a shooting pain going across my upper pec. I looked in the mirror with my surgical bra on and nothing seems to be swollen. Is this normal? It hurts even on top of my shoulder neck and into my back. I went on a crazy power painting spree for about a week before my surgery could that be it?

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Breast Lift Discomfort?

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Given that you are only a few hours out of surgery,  the discomfort that you're feeling is very likely to be expected. I would suggest that you follow your plastic surgeon's instructions and contact him/her with any specific questions and concerns. The information you receive from him/her will be more precise ( and probably reassuring)  than the information you receive from online consultants who do not know you.

Best wishes with the remainder of your recovery.

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