Day 8 of Ptosis Surgery, Eye Has Swollen Up and Sore Than Couple Days Earlier?

I had Left eye ptosis surgery 7 days back. Since yesterday night, the eye is very swollen and sore, lot more than couple days earlier. The nurse at the doctors office said it is because of the stitches beginning to dissolve and nothing to be alarmed of. She also suggested to splash water on the eyelid and keep it clean. Is it common for the eyelid swelling to increase on day 7 to 8 days after surgery? If yes, how long is it normal for swelling and soreness to last?

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You Need to See Your Surgeon

After surgery, the surgical area should slowly improve on a daily basis.  Anytime the area becomes worse, more painful, red, or swollen, it can be sign that a complication can be forming.  The only way to ensure that you are healing properly is to be evaluated by your surgeon.  If he says that nothing is wrong, then you gain peace of mind.  If there is something wrong, then you have caught a complication early.  



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Increasing pain and swelling unusual

Dear Md76, at this point in your healing process your pain and swelling should get better daily.  Sometimes it can take a few weeks for it to completely resolve, but certainly I would not expect you to be getting WORSE at this point.  One thing I would worry about in your case would be an infection.  I would encourage you to go in and see your surgeon as soon as you can.  Good luck.

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