Infection vs Inflammation After Tummy Tuck Surgery

I am day 5 post op tummy tuck, still on keflex tid for one more day. Low grade fevers began post op day 1, mostly in evening, relieved with tylenol. My drainage is pink, some orange tinge at times, around 25 ml three times a day. I have no pain, mostly just numbness and back cramps from hunching over when I walk. I've sent pics of my belly to my PS, he thinks this redness is just bruising. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance. When should I be concerned it's infection not inflammation?

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Probably associated with compression garment

By now you have probably had this question answered. To me this looks unusual and appears more inflammed. possibly due to a constriction band from a compression garment. The wound looks clean, however there is a distinct and separate area. Consult your plastic surgeon about wound care.

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