Day 3 Post Op Breast Reduction; Blood Spotting Around Nipple Area Is That Normal? (photo)

I'm 23 and had my breast reduction On July 16th 2012, (day 1) there was quite a bit of blood that stained my new support bra, all coming from the Nipple area... It's day 3, an like yesterday its started spotted again... Is this normal? Or am I doing something wrong to prevent proper healing in that area. If it is normal, how long does this spotting usually last? Attached is my day 1 and day 2 Picture, you'll see the taping is blood free... But my bras get the spotting, through my nipple opening.

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Spotting after breast surgery

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Some spotting is normal after breast surgery.  The breasts otherwise look ok. If concerned have them checked out by your surgeon.

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Hard to see from photos but spotting very common near incision lines

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It is difficult to see from the photos, however, anywhere there is an incision, blood spotting can and frequently does occur in the first few days to a week after surgery.  The swelling that occurs as well as some of the numbing medication that is used can work its way out of the incisions.  As long as the color of the skin and areolas are good and there is no other issue you should be fine.

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