This is How Day 4 Should Look Like After Fat Transfer to the Eye? (photo)

Is 5.5 milliliters of noncentrifuged fat too much to inject per lower eyelid under the muscle? This is how I look after exactly 4 full days from the fat transfer surgery. My face looks too baggy, and one bag is too swollen. How much will recovery to social life take for one looking like me in the 4th day. Should I do something about my condition? Why do I look so bad? Please advice I am very upset I work in the art industry. Thank you D.Davidson

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After lower eyelid fat grafting

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My limit for lower lids is 3 cc's.Then again I am very conservative. I recently took a course at the aesthetic surgery convention in Vancouver and the doctors did use your doctors amount.. You do have a lot of filling necessary there perhaps that is appropiate amount for you.It does look as it should at this stage. You should trust your surgeon.

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