Will Co2 Fractional Laser Cause Spots to Grow?

I am 37 year old mexican girl, I don't look my age because I don't have any wrinkles.The fact is that 11 years ago a little spot started growing in my forehead, and now after treatments with ahax and just topical products it disappear and then it started to grow darker and bigger.

Also I would like the skin on my face to look youthfull.Tomorrow I will have the treatment with co2 lasser fractional with a mexican Dr. Can my skin gets more sensitive to sun and have worst spots again?

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CO2 on hispanic skin types

CO2 laser can be tricky on Hispanic skin types.  Those who have darker skin, and especially those who get frequent sun exposure are prone to Hyperpigmentation after CO2 laser therapy.  This is not to say that it cannot be done.  CO2 on Hispanic skin can be done, but should only be done by those with experience with darker skin types.  Should you get Hyperpigmentation, it is nearly always temporary and bleaching creams, avoidance of sun and time will usually resolve the problem.

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