Day 6 of Coolsculpt and Neurontin Not Working?

I had coolsculpt done on my lower and upper abs last wednesday. I had intense pain yesterday and my doctor prescribed Neurontin. She said take one at bedtime and thats it. It did not help at all with the pain last night. Do I need to call her to see if I can take 2 per day instead if just 1?

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CoolSculpting and Neurontin

It is always best to contact your doctor with questions regarding pain and medication. Sometimes taking ibuprofen or Tylenol can help in addition to increasing the neurontin, but your doctor would be the one to advise you on the best route to take since they know your full health and medication history. The pain is normally temporary and should subside over time. As another post mentioned, compression can sometimes offer comfort as well.

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Dealing With Discomfort Post CoolSculpting

It sounds like the symptoms you are describing are normal for six days after abdominal CoolSculpting.  Not every patient who receives this treatment will experience this intensity.  Many practices will prescribe a nerve blocker for the patient who reports certain side effects.  If you have questions regarding your medication and dosage then you should contact your provider who treated you.

These side effects can start a few days after CoolSculpting and are usually resolved after the first three weeks.  The intensity of side effects varies greatly between patients and some experience no side effects at all.  Many patients find relief in ice packs, stretching, or compression.  My practice offers a complementary package called CoolSculpting Complete.  This includes dual machines for faster treatment, compression garments for comfort, and vibrational therapy to assist lymphatic removal of the fat cells.  Free CoolSculpting is also available at my practice through Instant Rebates.  My patients enjoy one free CoolSculpting session with each session purchased.  You can find a top CoolSculpting provider by visiting their website.

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Day 6 after Coolsculpting

When you have questions about how a medication is prescribed or should be taken, always consult the physician that prescribed it for you.  She may have a particular protocol she wants you to follow with the medication and would certainly be interested in your progress and how you're healing or if your pain is not subsiding.  The pain should subside on its own in time, regardless of medication.  Some patients find compression garments helpful, ibuprofen, Lidoderm patches.  Follow up with the physician that treated you whenever you have any doubts, concerns or questions.

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Pain after coolsculpting

Usually gabapentin is prescribed with an escalating dose so your doctor may agree to have you take more. They need to decide if it is ok to take with other medication that you might be taking already for other conditions, and to discuss with you the risks.

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Pain 6 days after abdominal CoolSculpting?

We typically call that "delayed onset of pain" and it can be a real BUMMER! I experienced the same thing and nothing seemed to help. It does go away, usually around day 14. I have been instructing my patients to use Biofreeze which is something you can get over the counter - it seems to be giving them some relief. Without question this is something I would do again given my results! Hang in there!


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Post Cool sculpting pain varies from person to person

We use Lidoderm patches very successful for locaized pain after Cool Sculpting.  My own pain was responsive to ibuprofen and lasted about a week.  Your physician will know whether additional neurontin will help.  Call her! At least you know that your treatment was effective.

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