I'm on Day 3 After the VI Peel and my Under Eye Area Appears Puffy and Swollen - Normal?

My under eye area now has what looks like bags and seems puffy - which is making what lines were there look worse. Is it normal to swell under the eyes?

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Vi Peel and Expected Healing

Depending on the individual and his or her skin type, a Vi Peel can cause redness, flakiness, peeling, crusting and swelling for up to one week after the peel.  If they peeled the area under your eyes, it is very likely you would have swelling (puffiness) for several days, maybe even a week, after the peel.  The skin around the eyes is very thin and typically swells more than other areas on the face. I recommend you follow your physician's post-peel skincare regimen which should include gentle cleansing, bland emolliation, and strict sun avoidance.  The ViPeel comes with a post-treatment peel kit and instructions which can be very helpful.  

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