Day 3 after Otoplasty - Earlobes Very Swollen and Protruding a lot (dumbo ears) (Photo)

I got otoplasty done 3 days ago and the whole purpose was to correct the "telephone" shape of my ears by setting back the earlobes a bit. They were not massively problematic, but they still bothered me. Now my situation is 10x worse and I look like I have extreme dumbo ears! Do you think that these ears can look "normal" eventually given the state they are in? Could the surgery have actually made them worse? The doc is supposedly an expert. They are very swollen and my left lobe is totally numb.

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Otoplasty- post-op

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It's very normal for the ears to be swollen, slightly protruded and numb after Otoplasty.  This can last several weeks, sometimes longer.  Until then, try and be patient as they heal and address your concerns with your surgeon. 

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