One Day After Eyelid Surgery, my Right Eye Looks Crossed. Will This Correct Itself?

I had eyelid surgery yesterday, and my right eye is crossed now. Is this a mistake from the surgery? Will it correct itself or do I need a correction done by the surgeon?

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Eye appears crossed 1 day after eyelid surgery

If you have double vision, this would be concerning.  If not, it may just be that the swelling around the eyes gives the false appearance of crossed eyes and this will resolve as the swelling improves. A photo would be helpful.

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Eye Crossed after Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery does not usually result in strabismus, or crossed eyes. I recommend you contact your surgeon so that you can be evaluated. Possibilities include persistent antesthetic effect, swelling or hematoma and others.

Temp Patterson, MD
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Hard to know what you are describing here.

One day after surgery you will be bruised and swollen.  It can be very hard to know what is going on.  If you are being seen by your surgeon today, ask them what they think.  It is likely that much of what you are seeing will resolve as you heal.  If not, consider reposting your question with a photograph.

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