Day 25 No Improvement with Vision After Browlift?

Well I'm on day 25 and still no improvement with vision. Opthomologist ordered CT which came out normal. Both plastic surgeon and Opthomologist are optimistic this will improve with time. I need to return to work, any suggestions what I can do? Has anyone else encountered this?

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CT scan for browlift?

We would need a bit more background information to be better able to address your concern. Generally, we not order CT scans to evaluate for need for browlift surgery. What was your visual concern before hand? If your brows were obstruction your vision, then physically lifting your brow with your hand would have improved your vision. That is the first clinical test we do to check whether surgery might be a good option.

Then we would do formal visual fields to better document the visual field obstruction as well as improvement with brow taping. This is all done before surgery for a functional problem.

Now more often than not, browlifts are done for cosmetic reasons and as such, field of vision would not improve with surgery.

Have formal visual fields been done? An evaluation needs to be done because not all visual field deficits are attributable to brow ptosis.

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Vision after brow lift

It would be helpful to know how your vision was affected before surgery.  If your upper visual fields were blocked, you should be seeing some improvement by now and this will improve as swelling completely resolves.  I suspect there is more to the story if they have ordered a CT scan to evaluate you. 

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