Day 13: Absolutely no results (FLANK & AB LIPOSUCTION). Pictures included. Is there hope? (photos)

Im incredibly sceptical if I will see the results getting better. Maybe im a pessimist, but at day 13 shouldnt I have seen some change? Also the reason im worried is that the skin feels "fatty" when pinched. It doesnt feel hard. It still feels very "jelly belly". If it were swelling would this still be the case.

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It is normal to see swelling at 2 weeks out.

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At 13 days post-op, you will see swelling.  Usually swelling does not subside until 1-2 months post-op.  Watch your sodium intake (I advise less than 1800mg/day), and make sure you are wearing your compression garment 24 hours/day for the first month.

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Yes it is to early

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You should be in compression 24 hours 7days a week for the first two weeks if you are my patient.  the only reason to be out of compression is to shower.  The skin swells and stretches more when there is no compression.  When you ]icnh skin and fat the are swollen it will definitely fell uneven.

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