I Am on Day 12 of my Breast Reduction and Lift Recovery and They Are Painfully Swollen, is That Normal?

Is it normal to feel such severe pulling at the stitches?

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Pain After Breast Reduction

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Pain after breast reduction is typically described as moderate but not severe.  At day 12 postop, the pain should be subsiding and not worsening. Consider visiting your surgeon to be examined. Possible causes of increased pain include a hematoma or infection. Best wishes on your recovery.

Painful swollen breasts following a breast reduction

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There is a wide variation in the degree of pain experienced by women following breast reduction surgery.  The only concern would be if you an infection or hematoma.  If you feel the pain is unusual then it is time for a recheck by your plastic surgeon

Breast reduction and pain

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Breast reduction are usually not too painful as compared to some other procedures. If you are experiencing excruciating pain, you should be seen by your surgeon.

Post op Breast reduction

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Hi Samantha,

It depends how painful and swollen. By Day 12 I would expect things should be settling down and your pain decreasing.

If you are finding that the pain is getting worse or your breasts are getting more swollen then perhaps you should go and see your PS.




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