DAY 11 - Lower face lift, lateral brow lift, fat transfers - Face looks pulled

Noticing the lower area of eyes seems quite "pulled" to sides of face - maybe doctor was trying to help the puffy bags even though I didn't do the lower lid surgery? Area below my chin looks slightly "lumpy," as in not super flat-consequence of the swelling? The yellow puff fish has given way to what appears to be a very chubby face that's not really me...when will I start looking like me??

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11 Days After Facelift

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Swelling and healing after facelift takes time.  The swelling should start to improve over the next several weeks. Healing should be complete in 3 months.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS

Too early to make a pronouncement 11 days after a facelift.

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.In 11 days there's going to be a sizable amount of swelling. I certainly would not make any serious judgments at this point time. Check in with your surgeon for reassurance

Wait 6 weeks to evaluate the results of your face lift.

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Your complaints and concerns are quite common so soon after facelift surgery.  Please await at least 6 weeks to properly evaluate the results of your facelift surgery.

Facelift pulled

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Difficult to assess without photos to review but you are way to early to make determination of results as early post operative swelling can give unnatural distortions. By 6 wees post op you will have much better idea. Be patient.

Mark Prysi, MD
Naples Plastic Surgeon

Recovery after lower face lift, brow lift, fat transfers

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There would still be some expected swelling present 11 days after a lower face lift, lateral brow lift and fat transfer to the face.  This swelling may not be uniform, so certain areas can be more swollen than others.  As the swelling resolves, your face should start to look less pulled and more like yourself.  It may take several months for this healing process to occur.  Be sure to keep your follow up appointments with your surgeon so that your progress can be monitored.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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