Is it true that the younger a patient is, the better the results of rhinoplasty are? Ratio of good results vs. patient age?

I am already 36 and considering rhinoplasty, but afraid that my age might be an extra risk for this surgery, as i know it is better to do it at a younger age?

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Rhinoplasty at 36 is very safe

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 Rhinoplasty is surgical procedure under local anesthesia plus sedation  or under general anesthesia depending on the work to be done. If you are  healthy and there is no comorbid medical  condition,  it is very safe

 please contact board certified plastic surgeon

 Best of luck

Age & Rhinoplasty result

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Thank you for your question.

The main issue is not necessarily the patient's age but the quality of the skin. During rhinoplasty we make changes on the shape of the bones and cartilages but at the end we need the skin to drape over the new shape to show the desired result. Older patients can have a skin with decreased laxity and not a good "snap". This will lead to longer recovery but the outcomes can still be very good. In my experience i've seen in patients that want surgery after 50- but again, the skin quality is more important the age.

Good luck

Marcelo Antunes, MD
Marietta Facial Plastic Surgeon

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