My Ortho Said I Wouldn't Need Invisalign Attachments. I Have Them on All of my Front Teeth and Hate Them. What Now? (photo)

I am supposed to get surgery for my Malocclusion (Class III underbite) and I have Invisalign. My ortho said I wouldn't need attachments, but now he said I do need them. I am on week 2 and I now have bumps on my teeth that look terrible. I don't even want Invisalign anymore, or the jaw surgery. My question: is it possible to get a refund? If not, can I ask him for all the trays so that I can wear them only at night over 2 years?Since I paid for them I feel like I have a right to keep them, right?

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Want to Stop Invisalign Treatment Because of Attachments on Front Teeth

Your dentist should have gone over the Clin-Chek with you BEFORE initiating treatment. You would have been given the opportunity then to go ahead with treatment or not, BEFORE all the aligners were fabricated. Now that you approved the treatment, and the dentist paid for the aligners, he is not obligated to give you a refund, nor should he give you all the trays for you to wear at night only. That is improper treatment. He has to monitor you every 4-6 weeks as you progress.

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