Swelling or bulge above incision after Mini Tummy tuck and abdominal liposuction. Any suggestions?

I had a mini tummy tuck and liposuction in the abdominal area done on December 11, 2015. I still have what appears to be a bulge/swelling/fluid right above the incision. Above that it is flat but it seems like after 5 months the swelling should be gone. I am not happy at all with the bulge because it defeats the purpose of why I had the surgery. Was something done wrong in my surgery?

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Swelling or bulge above incision after Mini Tummy tuck and abdominal liposuction. Any suggestions

Thank you for you for your question.  A photo would be helpful.  Final results take 6-12 months. This surgery in particular leads to swelling in the lower abdomen and supra pubic area. That swelling will take the longest amount of time to go away.  Discuss your concerns and have a examination with your Plastic Surgeon. 

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Bulge Above Incision after Tummy Tuck

Hello 'smroberts', thanks for your question.  Without a good physical exam or at least a photo, it is difficult to ascertain the etiology of your situation.  Early postop swelling can be normal and could be a fluid collection, but I agree that at this stage it should have resolved by now.  Is the mass soft or hard?  Does it move around?  Is there a fluid shift?  Is it tender?  Is the mass discolored on the skin?  It is reducible?  These are all questions that a good physical exam can help determine the source of your mass.  I would recommend going back to your board-certified plastic surgeon to have this examined so that options can be discussed with you.  Good luck!


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