Can Invisalign treatment be accelerated using a "micropulse" device?

I got Invisalign a week ago. I was advised to buy a micropulse device to alleviate pain and to accelerate treatment. I was surprised because this hadn't been mentioned before. She said I can "probably start changing trays every week" after some initial period. I would love to reduce treatment time, but have read that advancing trays too soon can be problematic for the overall course of treatment. Is her advice sound? How long should this initial period be before changing trays weekly?

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Micropulse movements DO show promise

While not commonly known, even among dentists and orthodontists, microperforations and micropulses have been shown to speed treatment.  You are right, simply changing aligners too soon is not a good idea, but that advice is simply for if you do NOT do something to speed treatment.  If you use the adjunctive treatments, micropulses or microperforations, then you CAN.

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Acceleration of Invisalign treatment

Very recently, Invisalign has completed a study and informed its doctors that Invisalign aligners can be now changed on a weekly basis for many patients, thus reducing treatment time in half.  You should ask your Invisalign provider if you would be a good candidate for this new protocol.  Previous to this, the only way to reduce treatment time was with micropulse(vibrating) devices that need to be worn 5 - 20 minutes per day.  They also have the benefit of reducing pain for some patients.  But they come with a hefty added cost.  The vibration seats the aligners completely, but this can also be accomplished by using chewies.    

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