I am just wondering if my all on 4 implants are going to last at all with all the problems that have happened?

Dr did top and bottom same day/2 implants fail from beginning/did a bone graph which I was told should have done before surgery as he has recently said he knew the bone was soft. Then dentures ill fitted caused canker sores.Finally top temps put back on, kept cracking off on back, sharp edges cause cuts in mouth. Now bottom permanents being in a 2 months in getting toothache where last implant is, feels like it's failing Wish I had more space. It's been over a year, and scared it's all failing.

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All on 4 working

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What you are reporting is definitely not a common occurrence The all on 4 procedure is very predictable.Who is guiding your treatment?
All the best Dr J

Oxnard Dentist

Dental implant treatment is a process

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While it can be frustrating and time consuming, some methods are simply time consuming.  I suggest seeing your dentist, as only they can say if things are going as planned or within normal expectations.  Bone grafts are for bone VOLUME, and nothing to do with soft or not. Denture fit has nothing to do with implants and final restorations, sore spots are common with dentures. It is best not to judge a final restoration based on how the temporary phase went.

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