I've posted a picture of my scar. Would it be worth it to have a plastic surgeon do something w/ the scar at this point? (photo)

I had Mohs surgery to remove a Basal Cell Carinoma about nine weeks ago. My doctor wanted to do a rotation flap repair, but I panicked and left as soon as I heard that all of the cancer had been removed. I tried to schedule an appointment to have the repair done about three weeks after the initial surgery, but the doctor was afraid that I wouldn't be able to tolerate the procedure and put me in touch with a plastic surgeon. The scar is a little bit painful and I can feel tightness whenever I talk or chew.

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Hypertrophic #scar after #Mohs

A Mohs surgeon trained in reconstructive surgery or plastic surgeon would be able to correct this, and potentially repair the skin so there is no scar or pain. This would involve another surgery, although not necessarily that extensive. I would have it evaluated to see if the surgeon feels you would be able to tolerate the procedure. 

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