Still have loose skin 8 months post op. Do I have to pay for this nightmare? (photo)

I had a panninulectomy, abdomioplasty & a bi-lateral mastopexy in Oct '13. It's now 8 mths since my surgery. Still have quite a bit of loose skin & no sensation in large portions of my body & my breasts are not only droopy by one side is a B the other a C. I went in a D. Scheduled fora revision which I have to pay for if my insurance doesnt and dr will not touch my breasts unless I pay $5000 in advance. Second opinion and that surgeon did concur procedures were done under the standards of care.

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Unhappy with panniculectomy

Without pre- op photos it is hard to have an opinion regarding your result.
It sounds as though your skin itself has lost a lot of elasticity after massive weight loss.
Unfortunately no surgeon can control the quality of your skin and it does affect results.
Your photo suggests that you need some a re-do of the skin portion of the tummy tuck. Best wishes.

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Loose skin after an abdomnioplasty

Sounds like you have answered your own question.  This forum is not one to determine the standard of care.  A skin revision will likely repair your abdomen.  You seemed to have ample redundant atrophic skin prior to surgery.  Your surgeon has to use his best judgment when determining  how much skin to remove.  Better to be a bit conservative than to have a large open wound due to compromise of the blood supply to the skin flap. 

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