I Am Not Peeling from Retinoic Acid, Will There Still Be an Effect?

Hello doctors! particularly dermatologists :) Well, my skin is a normal type i just really want to even my skin out and reduce some papules one derma told me i had. This is my 3rd try to visit a dermatologist and now bought the retinoic acid prescribed. the 1st derma prescribed me with retinol the 2nd adapalene and now i dont know what brand this is cos its prepacked. Its just that, im not peeling. im expecting flakiness and redness and irritation but theres none. im sure im doing d process ryt

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Not peeling from retinol, is it working

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It's ok if you don't peel. It's not a requirement for good effects that you peel from using a retinol. Some people will be hypersensitive and peel a great deal, others will not. It doesn't mean that both types won't get good results. 

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