Surgery required for broken nose - How quickly can my daughter return to basketball?

Daughter plays basketball and broke her nose. Still playing and wearing the hard mask for protection. She had a ct scan done and it showed that her alignment and breathing passages looked good. There is a possibility that she will require closed reduction surgery for a small area on the bridge of her nose. How quick can she return to action after such surgery? She will of course wear the mask the rest of the season.

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Return to Basketball

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I allow my patients to resume athletic activity 4 weeks after the procedure.  The bones are healed by that time and there is no need to avoid contact.

Return to sports after a broken nose

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 In our practice, we reset the nose through a open reduction nasal fracture, not a closed reduction. This involves medial and lateral osteotomies and occasionally a spreader graft  placed underneath the concave upper lateral cartilage. The cast stays on for one week and patients are asked to avoid contact sports for 6 weeks after the procedure. 

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