Daughter Hit Tip of Nose 4 Weeks After Revision Rhino...outcome?

I had revision rhino surgery almost 4 weeks ago. This morning my 9 month old daughter hit the left tip of my nose (where most of the work was actualyl done-go figure!). It obviously was painful for a few seconds but I didn't cry! About an hour later I got to work, and looked in the mirror and I noticed it was a little swollen and looked a slighty black and blue! Do you think she could have cause permanent damage? She is only 9 months and hit me with her little hand! AHH!

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Trauma To Nose After Revision Rhinoplasty

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Permanent damage was most likely not inflicted in the situation that you are describing. The swelling could be a result of you being in the very early stages of the healing process. If you are having any additional concerns, I suggest contacting your plastic surgeon and scheduling a follow up visit.

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Hit in nose after surgery

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having an injury to the nose after revision rhinoplasty can be quite concering, the good news though is that your daughter is still quite young and fortunately cannot generate a tremendous amount of force.  Likely just traumatized the soft tissues and may get a tad swollen.  If  you had grafting done then there is a slight chance the graft could have been displaced.  I would use cold compresses and see how it looks in a week.  If there seems to be a problem then I would contact your doctor

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