How to Address Hairline Scar on an 8-year-old?

my daughter is eight and has a hairline scar two inches by five mm how can i get rid of it? the scar is nearly 2 years old now but no hair grows out of it so is like a bald patch. she is getting self concious about it now. is there any cosmetic inplants she could have or is she too young?

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Surgery and Children.

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8 years of age might be a bit young to consider surgery in my opinion.  The way I approach children with issues that may affect appearance (ear pinning ,scars, etc.) is to determine if the child is truly having difficulty with peers in the social area, difficulty in his/her academic work and/or acting out due the extreme self consciousness.  In your daughters particular case  if a longer and/or different hair style does not camouflage the area then hair transplants work well.  Visit with several surgeons to discuss the options.

Good luck.

Dr.  ES

Scar in Hair Bearing Areas, Follicular Unit Grafts

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The scalp is a particularly difficult area to reconstruct after trauma or a scar.  This is due, in part, to the fact that the scalp is unique in that it is so densely packed with hair follicles.  If the scar is especially wide, serial excisions of the scar can be performed to reduce the size, and therefore visibility of the scar.  Once it gets down to about 5mm or so wide, it can be difficult to reduce it further with a surgical scar revision.  At that point, follicular unit grafting is possibly your best option. 

Densely packing 100 or so follicular units into and around the scar can provide excellent results!  However, I would urge you to seek the services of a surgeon experience with follicular unit transplant ion.  Modern hair transplant is a labor intensive (but relatively painless) pro cress involving specialized equipment and specially trained technicians.  To avoid a "pluggy" look to the grafts, be sure your surgeon is experienced in follicular unit transplantation and can give you the pros and cons to hair transplant for scars.

Douglas Sidle, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon

Scar Revision

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If a patient has a scar in the scalp and there is no hair growing in it, there are two main options to cosmetically improve it.  First, the scar can be revised to leave a smaller scar that is less apparent as hair grows around it.  Second, a hair transplant procedure can be performed to put follicles into the area with the hope that they will take and hair will be seeded in the area.

Joshua Zeichner, MD
Manhattan Dermatologist

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