My Daughter Had Her Forehead Stitched 10 Days Ago and I Have Noticed They Have Left Track Marks. Will This Go Away?

Her scar is small but the tracks make it much worse - she looks like frankenstein. Did the ER doctor suture it to tight - is that why it left marks?

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Scars mature in 6-12 months

Give the scar some time.  10 days is very early.  There is still some swelling and irritation from the suture material.  As the scar ages over the next 6-12 mos, the marks should soften, both in appearance and texture.  If not, then I would recommend a consult with a dermatologic or facial plastic surgeon who specializes in facial surgery.

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Objective scar evaluation

10 days is much too early to be assesing the final result of a stiched scar repair. More so in younger patients the initial post repair healing period is not the most attractive as scars evoke an immediate and formidable healing reaction. First 3 months the scar will look red and be somewhat thickened especially in teenagers. At about one year an objective decision can be made about its long term apperance. At that point there are variety of techniques including revison, laser and dermabrasion that can improve the scar further. At this point silicone gel application for number of weeks can be helpfull in scar remodeling.

Julian Henley, MD
Greeley Facial Plastic Surgeon

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