Is Removing a Lipoma on the Back of the Head Risky for a 14-year-old?

My daughter was born with a lipoma on the back of her head.... She is now 14 and the bump is about the size of a golf ball. Our new doctor is recommending an MRI and removal of it, but our previous doctor didn't think it was necessary. (The size and placement on the bone is her concern.) Is this a common procedure and would there be a risk of this surgery at her age? Would you recommend another opinion and if so what type of doctor would be best suited for this?

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Lipoma on scalp

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The scalp is a rather unusual location for a lipoma. It is possible that this growth is some other type of  benign tumor including another kind of cyst or a blood vessel malformatrion. If it is vascular there is a potential for bleeding and, perhaps, other complications due to the relationship of the growth to the skull. Because of this, some type of imaging study (ultrasound or MRI) might be helpful in identifying what it is before surgery. If it is a lipoma, the main reasons for removing it would be for precise diagnosis and elimination of cosmetic deformity which might worsen with time. Although dermatologists and general surgeons remove straightforward lipomas elsewhere on the body, I would recommend that you have a plastic surgeon deal with this growth.

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